According to Buddhism, a person can attain a high state of enlightenment through a consistent meditation practice. Over time there have been many people who have benefited from the practice of meditation.

Meditation practiced by Buddhist monks and practitioners has become a spiritual tool for enhancing ones overall health. Being more than just chants and meditation postures, meditation includes breathing techniques and helps to control ones thoughts, becoming centered and being in the present moment.

How can we know if we are already in a state of meditation or simply wasting time sitting there with our eyes closed? Firstly, i don’t believe there is a such thing as wasting time or doing it wrong. we have to start somewhere and sitting calmly with our eyes closed is going to be a task at first, but never, never a waste of time. Meditation is a state of mind that leads to inner peace and selfrealization, self improvement and the development of a positive attitude towards life.

There are many types of meditation.
one of which is refered to as mindfulness meditation.
Mindfulness meditation involves attention and awareness on the passing waves of bodily sensation, mental images, passing thoughts, feelings, sounds, used as a theraputic technique. This also aids in a non reactive mind state, much like looking at a television, without any feeling or thoughts that can bother you away.

Meditation and relaxation truly go hand in hand. scientific studies show there are health benefits in a consistent meditation practice. Being in a relaxed state of mind, one is also considered to be in a alpha state, which is a level of consciousness that promotes a healing. Relaxation in a person is highly recommended in this fast paced world, and to promote relaxation not only physically but mentally as well will eventually improve our well being.

Knowing all this, you can see the connection between both scientific and “religious” factors, especially with meditation. In fact, this activity demonstrates a unique philosophy that can really help the person become more intune with oneself, finding peace, healing, forgiveness, and self love. This also helps the person to face external challenges easier, creating less stress in daily situations, learning when and how to react or in this case learning to react less, drawing your energy towards things that can help you. I terms of health, this state of relaxed meditation helps with simple headaches, stress, anxiety or even insomnia. It started long before, and will never disappear. This practice really brings you back to true self. Why not try it?



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