There are so many simple ways to enjoy this beneficial fruit. Goji berries are available fresh, dried or in the form of a juice. There are many easy, fun and delicious goji recipes to help you incorporate them into your diet. Some recipes are so simple that they require no cooking whatsoever…that’s always a plus!

Here are a few delicious goji recipes you have to try!

Trail Mix

Try a goji trail mix, not only is this option so easy and affordable, it lasts and the kids love it! It’s also a great on the go snack. This recipe involves throwing some goji berries in with some of your other favorite dried fruits, optional nuts and grains.


Fruit Bars 

Goji bars need no cooking and are one of the most enjoyed snacks!
What youll need:
1 Part Nuts or grains / seeds. (I love almonds and hempseeds)
1 Part Dates
1 Part dried fruit. (aside from goji you may use any fruit you desire)

How too:
Add all ingredients to your food processor and process untill mixed fully.
If you are like me and love texture, feel free to simply mix half parts of both nuts/grains and dried fruit with the full part of dates.
after its blended you can add the rest of the nuts/grains and fruit.
Next, take the mixture and flaten it out to about half an inch to an inch thick and then chill it for an hour or over night.
Cut into squares or be free and do whatever you feel!!! Yum!



Simply add a handful of goji berries into your salads, just as you would dried cranberries or raisins. I like to add some oranges in mine along with fresh greens such as kale and spinach topped with a home made vinegrette.


Chia Seed Pudding / Acai Bowl / NiceCream

Topping your pudding, acai bowls & nice cream with goji berries is absolute heaven!


Got Goji Juice?

Freeze it, throw it in the blender and create a delicious goji sorbet. You can even layer this with a mango smoothie topped with some fresh or frozen fruits and seeds.


For Kids

Pour some goji juice into Popsicle trays, throw in some watermelon or blueberries for an extra healthy treat. The kids love this!


Simple Vitamin Water

This has to be my absolute favorite one by far. Add some goji berries to your water, let sit for a few minutes or even over night, they become hydrated, plump and juicy…feel free to snack on them but this is about the water folks! aside from adding gojis i also add other fruits like mango, blueberries and watermelon. This is like candy guys and so good for you.


Tea Time

Ad some goji’s to your tea cup, add boiling water, let sit for a few minutes and enjoy.

With goji berries being an excellent source of antioxidants, containing more vitamin C than oranges, known to help boost the immune system also known for being the fountain of youth, how can you not pick them up next time you are at your grocery store? Comment below your favorite way to enjoy these decadent berries!


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