Many chose the pricey route when choosing skin care products thinking it will be the cure to all their skin problems. Sometimes it’s a simple affordable change in your daily routine such as simply chucking the products you already have in rotation, out the window including your bad habits! When it comes to skin, i am a firm believer that less is more if you want to achieve that natural healthy glow. Below are some habits you can do without to achieve better skin:


You can use as much moisturizer all you want but these won’t help internal dehydration. It will however many times give you a shiny face accompanied by zits. So what should we be doing? well, moisturizer is great to reduce the itch and maybe hit the first few layers of skin but instead of a momentary fix, how about a actual “cure” to dehydrated skin. Yes, it’s simple. WATER. It’s said we should drink at least 8 glasses of water throughout the day. One reason being to maintain skins necessary moisture. Drinking water slowly will allow the body to safely absorb and benefit from it. This will aid in elasticity and suppleness.

Over Washing

Ideally, The skin should be washed once a day, maybe twice if truly needed. Washing your skin, especially the face more than twice a day is known to strip the necessary oils that help maintain natural moisture. This can also throw off your PH Balance and may cause many reactions such as breakouts, rashes, eczema, etc…

Not Using Sun Protection

Saying no to sun protection even when it’s cloudy is a big no. Over exposure to the sun can cause burning of the skin, dryness, and many other conditions. When it is cloudy it is so important to take precaution as UV rays can penetrate clouds.
Note it’s said that the suns rays are most strongest between 10am to 4pm. sun protection like hats, sunglasses, and umbrellas can also be used.
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Frequently Touching Your Skin

The skin on your face is extremely sensitive compared to the skin on the rest of your body. Unnecessarily touching your face by picking, rubbing, or scratching can irritate it and cause breakouts. Your hands can transfer bacteria which can lead to cystic acne.

Wrong Products

Don’t base a product someone else found helpful on how it would work for you. And don’t opt for the expensive brands just because they cost more. Do a little research before purchasing the products you take interest in. Bottom line, The more natural the ingredients are the better outcome you may receive. Many skin care products such as washes contain harmful chemicals and fragrances. Staying away from these will allow your skin to repair on it’s own and restore a natural ph. When finding products to use on your face or even your body, think “less is more” You want natural and you want simple.

To prevent your skin from breaking out and aging prematurely, be sure to improve your daily habits. Good skin care habits mixed with a good diet create a fresh natural glow and promote healing on already damaged skin.


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