Everyone loves a subscription box, who doesn’t love a surprise every month? Unfortunately us Vegans aren’t able to pick just any subscription box that looks pretty, from makeup to snacks and even clothing. It’s kind of a bummer after paying 60$ and only receiving snacks and goodies that are not vegan…but do not worry, there’s hope! Get excited even more for these amazing vegan subscription boxes!

1. Vegan Cuts

You may already be familiar with this box, it wouldn’t surprise me because they are literally the bomb! Offering 3 Boxes to choose from first being The ‘Snack Box’ Giving you 10+ Full size and sample size mostly gluten free products to try in each box. Second being the ‘Beauty Box’ containing 4-7 beauty products and third box being the ‘Makeup Box’ with 4+ full size makeup products to match each season.

2. Petit Vour 

I must state that this box is not only elegant but cruelty free, non toxic, and yes VEGAN. offering the best plant based beauty products in every box. You’ll receive $45-$60 in personalized products each month that were chosen for you based on your beauty profile. You can also earn points!

3. Imperfecto Produce

Ever feel bad for the veggies and fruits that are left behind, well, Imperfecto Produce offers a delivery of produce that may be oddly shaped or have a few imperfections at 40-50% less than grocery stores.
“Fact: 1 in 5 fruits and veggies grown in the U.S. don’t meet cosmetic standards – the crooked carrot, the curvy cucumber, the undersized apple – usually causing them to go to waste. We’re here to change that.”

4. V-Dog 

Yes, Our fur babies matter too! They love surprises. The V-Dog subscription allows you to opt into receiving specific products as often as you’d like. So cute!

5. Veestro 

At Veestro you get to choose from 4 options between $6 and $10 a meal. Once you tailor your meals you get fully prepared, chef created meals at your door step in eco-friendly packaging!

Comment below your favorite vegan subscription boxes!


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