If you’re a vegan, you most likely are familiar with these channels. But for those who are curious about being vegan, need help, inspiration or simply want to know more about what vegan is, These amazing channels are the ones to keep up with. whether you wanna have a laugh, learn facts, get some new recipes under your belt or learn and watch how mom vegans do it! These are some of my favorite inspirational beings who have helped me on my journey to living a healthier cruelty free life. Remember that every step is a step closer to change.


Freelee is such an inspiring being, she has changed her life around through a vegan lifestyle and is now helping many others on their journey to not only being physically healthier but mentally as well. offering knowledge, recipes and facts, Freelees channel has it all.

Vegan Gains 

if you want facts vegan gains is your guy! his straight forward approach is what keeps me coming back. Although it may seem a bit harsh to some, i can appreciate his passion and his dedication to making change. Richard is funny, knowledgeable, and interactive with his subscribers during live streams.


Kristina’s videos are to inspire a fully raw vegan diet, offering you videos on fitness, recipes, motivation oh and did i say recipes? she’s truly amazing in every way. I recommend Kristina to those who are wanting to begin a raw vegan diet as she really breaks things down and shows you that being fully raw doesn’t have to be boring or constricting.

Ellen Fisher 

Ellen is a vegan mom of 2 offering videos to inspire others like “what my vegan kids ate today” and “whats in my vegan fridge” super fun vlogs and recipes. Moms, check her out!


After being chefs for years these beautiful beings created a professional cookery YouTube channel dedicated to vegan food. Offering fun meals without compromising. They’ll leave your mouth “watering”.

Cheap lazy vegan 

Vegan on a budget? Want to save money while still eating great vegan meals? Cheap lazy vegan is the channel to watch. offering videos from recipes to being on a budget to meal prepping, you’ll be inspired to create some magic in your own kitchen.

the vegan couple

Natasha & Luca are such an inspiring couple who want to help those who not only want to help themselves but the animals and planet as well. offering vegan, health, fitness and yoga videos, they even take you along with them on their travels.


Who are your favorite vegan youtubers? Comment bellow 🙂


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